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Joshua Allan Swartzberg was born 1968 in Santa fe, New Mexico. Since a very early age he has traveled and lived in various parts of the United States as well outside of the US and from this experience his eyes were opened to a variety of cultures.  Going back and forth to and from Santa Fe, which Josh always considered his real home, he also drew from the multi-cultural influences in art and music that existed in this art colony during the 70's and the 80's.  He heard rock 'n roll, country, blues, jazz, classical and flamenco which had a strong place in the Santa Fe community.

After some years of dabbling with music as a hobby, at 18 years old Josh left for Hollywood to study acting. Changing his last name to Blackhill he went to several acting schools and was a member of various theatre companies over many years.


In Hollywood 1995 Josh was cast as one of the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth (directed by Michael Holmes), he along with the other witches received critical acclaim from numerous Los Angeles papers including the LA Times and the LA Weekly.


Six months later Josh left the play after having had an argument with Lady Macbeth who also happened to be the producer.


Having only worked a little, Josh became disillusioned with what was available to him at the time in Hollywood, not wanting to or "maybe not even capabale of following the Hollywood protocol" as he puts it, Josh struggled to find himself a creative outlet.  Meanwhile he began to practice the flamenco guitar, listen to old flamenco records, read books and watch films on the subject when one day, like "a bolt" it hit him to go make one.  But how? Josh had never made a film before.

 After raisng some money to start production he consulted people he knew in the film industry and brought over his first crew to Spain, his friend, writer and casting director David Bellantoni, who had some production experience and worked with Josh in the beginning helping him get on track.  Josh found two super 8 cameras for sale by a photographer named Brad Long.  Thinking they would be difficult to use Josh invited Brad and his cameras to Spain to help shoot and show Josh how to use these "delicate things".  That established the first round of production back in 2000.

The following year a long time friend Joe Martinez of Santa Fe along with another friend Adam Parker from London, England met Josh in Spain and went to work on the second round of shooting.  Mr. Parker stayed on to begin post production.

During many more years of hard work and "intensely frusturating" set backs, little by little with the help of editor Esteban Alcántara, this "small project" got finished.

Josh has lived in Spain over 10 years now with his Spanish lady, Regina and has helped raise her son Rafael since he was a small boy.  They both have been very supportive to him through out all the time during the frusturations of realizing the completion of this documentary.


Josh has found an enviornment that has inspired his first project as well as one he also calls home.